Hi, I'm Zdenek.

Do you feel like you are stuck at your current English level?

Do you find that learning is no longer enjoyable for you?

Do you struggle to motivate yourself to learn English regularly? 

Then I might have a few solutions for you 🙂


I’m a well-qualified English tutor. I hold a Master’s degree in teaching English as well as Cambridge teaching certificates CELTA, and DELTA modules 1 & 2. 


I have more than 12 years of experience in various settings, primarily teaching English learners of levels B2-C2. I’ve taught English in the Czech Republic, UK, Ireland and most recently Vietnam.  

My favourite skills to teach are speaking fluency, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
I also specialize in teaching English through board games and football


Make English fun for yourself


Get feedback on your English


Take control of your Enlgish

Let me tell you about my "English teaching journey"

I began my career as an English teacher in 2011 after graduating from university. I lived in the UK, specifically in London, for several years, where I taught English at language schools. However, my roots lie in the Czech Republic, where I earned my degree in English education and initially began assisting international learners.

One of the aspects of my job that I’ve always cherished is working with people from diverse backgrounds. I appreciate the variety of accents and the unique challenges that each learner faces when mastering English, often tied to their native language.

My role extends beyond teaching grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. I also assist my students in building confidence, improving fluency, and providing guidance on effective long-term learning strategies.

A fundamental principle for me is ensuring that students enjoy the learning process. Therefore, during my lessons, I encourage my students to discuss topics of their choice, whether it’s related to sports, gaming, technology, or current global issues.

Additionally, I host Zdenek’s English Podcast and have a YouTube channel called Teacher Zdenek. I encourage you to check them out.

As for my personal interests, I have a strong passion for board games. I have incorporated popular board games suitable for language-learning context into my teaching approach. I particularly enjoy role-plays and have extensive experience in creating engaging and light-hearted role-play materials. Recently I’ve also made several IELTS board games

This approach not only resonated well with my students but also facilitated faster progress, enabling even the more reserved learners to gain confidence in speaking English. I firmly believe that the key to long-term motivation in language learning is to find joy in the process.